Insight Provocateurs in the CEE region.



We carry out market research, social studies and market analysis.
We focus on speed, modernity, complementarity. We test marketing communication, potential of products and provide effective insights.
We provide actionable insights, precisely define issues, create successful marketing solutions.



+1000 clients, +100 international studies since 2007.
Every year we conduct +100 FGI's and +30K quantitative interviews.
Central and Eastern Europe, incl. Poland, Russia, Turkey.
We specialize in communication, brand image and segmentation.
We implement new technologies (eye- & face - & mouse- trackers) to get more precise and involuntary insights.


Insight Provocateurs in the CEE region.


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 We deliver results in a short time, because we use advanced analytics, online, telephone and smartphone studies, which allow instant consumer feedback.

We are fully compatible with our partners - panels, platforms, data analysis, and monitoring software.

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We deliver true insights. We have helped hundreds of clients from many countries in effective advertising campaigns, an increase in the number of customers, successful acquisitions of brands and companies, new products launches, precise targeting, and profiling.

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We use big data, analytics behavioral, focus groups, ethnographic interviews, and representative direct, telephone and online research. Complementarity through diversity and innovation.

Through experience, trusted partners, and market knowledge, we carry out research in Poland and in the CEE region.

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for business/ sales/ marketing/ trade/ R&D/ UX/ design

Improving the effectiveness of ads
Persuasiveness of advertisements
Brand positioning, image, attributes, tonality.
Usability / UX tests - design and navigation
Shelf/ Price Tests 
Identification of target groups, segmentation
Determining market shares, sizes
Data mining
Political polls
Social studies
New Product Implementation
Campaign evaluations


We specialize in the CEE region (Poland, Turkey, Russia).

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We carry out both qualitative researches (focus groups, interviews, ethnography) and quantitative ones.

We carry out projects using different techniques - from online and telephone surveys to interviews using smartphones or in-depth interviews.

We combine traditional techniques with neuromarketing techniques as well as with behavioral analysis. It helps us to catch reaction or behavior and compare with opinions and declarations.  

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We select the optimal mix of techniques and methodologies to achieve business goals.

Qualitatively - focus groups, in-depth interviews, dyads and triads, ethnography and workshops. We use internet communities, online monitoring analysis.

Quantitatively - interviews - online CAWI, F2F, CAWI, CATI. We do surveys (both F2F and telephone).

We carry out national and international studies on representative samples.

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Statistical analyses, visual attention trackers, analysis of potential and/ or distribution channels complement the picture obtained from surveys and help us to determine the competitive environment.

We have unique models (Visual Tracker, Market Size&Share, Challenge Area, Region Brand Index, Gravitational Force Index) based on new, innovative technologies that help us to use effectively big data sources.

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Insight Provocateur

Author, sociologist, trainer, consultant, fundraiser, entrepreneur. Passionate about mountains and swimming.

He obtained his experience in the largest research companies in Poland and on the client side as a regional head of research for international B2C and B2B companies. Today he is the managing director. 


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We create dedicated teams for each project in order to obtain an optimized mix of experience, skills, and knowledge.

We work from our office in Warsaw (Wołodyjowskiego Street 46, near to Sluzew metro station) and remotely. Researchers and moderators, strategists, marketers.  

We cooperate with qualified networks of interviewers, online panels, CATI studios, and analytics agencies. With our partners, we cover the markets of the EU, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. 

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In 1916 in Singapore, the newspaper Lat Pau was established. It was the first newspaper to analyze and study the needs of readers and supply the content they required.

They printed the paper using rigid columns and headings with ads placed by articles, which made it the leading paper.

This idea is close to us - thanks to the precise identification of needs, we obtain the customer’s objectives and at the same time we build our experience.

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Since 2007 we have been working for the most successful brands:

3M, Amplio Digital, ANZ, BAT, BOS Bank, BP, Cefic, DataWise, Dbam O Zdrowie, EC, European Parliament, Eskadra Group, Fundacja AKogo?, Harris Interactive, HFPC, ISL, International Organization for Migration, Kaufland, Locativo, Lyreco, Maspex, Moya, M Services Poland, Procter&Gamble, Performance Media, PISF, Polmedica, Provident, ProVita, Stowarzyszenie Nowe Horyzonty, Stowarzyszenie Nowy Kraków, Tauron, Thermaflex, UNICEF, WWF, ZPP, Zain

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Thanks to PAULAT, we defined the full spectrum of client strategies and their potential and gained insights into long-term, effective marketing communication.

Finding the perfect purchasing occasion is the dream of every company. To be at the right time with the the right product. To beat the competition with speed and precision. Working with PAULAT helps us to maintain our leadership position in the market.

Good business decisions require a clear segmentation of users. A result of our project implemented with PAULAT was the preparation of a new offer and the optimal targeting of customers in terms of the new offer.

Enriching the results of analytic marketing with consumer insights allows the efficiency of business processes to be improved. Through research, processes gain content.  Together with PAULAT, we help our customers succeed.

Success lies in precision because a mass approach generates massive costs. Precision requires identifying "opportunities" and offers of the expected value for the customer. Thanks to projects with PAULAT, we are adapting better to changing market needs.

With the support of PAULAT, we have modified the marketing communication strategy of our Festival and definition of target groups, which allowed us to gain new fans and broaden the audience of the Festival. We have used focus group interviews, F2F smartphone assisted interviews and neuromarketing, qualitative studies. The optimal mixture of techniques gave us broad background and precise direction for the improvement. 

Since 2011, PAULAT has been responsible for carrying out analyzes and researches whose results have built effective marketing communication strategies for dozens tourist brands.
The ability to combine information from various sources, experience and innovative methods of data collection allow PAULAT to create valuable marketing insights and adaptable recommendations.

Using neuromarketing tests, we improved the navigation and fluency of telling the story of Tadeusz Kosciuszko in the form of a virtual museum Neuromarketing research has shown us the deficiencies in navigation and identified the main elements causing the departure of the virtual tour. The eye-catching test allowed us to modify graphics, video materials and structure.

On the first day of launch, we obtained 100,000 unique users.

We are pleased to recommend PAULAT agencies as a proven, reliable, creative and trustworthy company.
Since 2015, we have carried out over 80 quality studies - focus groups at PAULAT.
PAULAT agency, performing qualitative research has demonstrated experience, innovation, professionalism and commitment. The PAULAT agency's moderators are knowledgeable and eager to use advanced techniques and models to deliver impactful marketing insights. 

By analyzing the potential for one of our medical inventions, we have determined the size of the market and additional attractive therapeutic niches that we have not thought about before. The identification of competitive advantages and the indication of a business strategy allowed us to convince the investor to cooperate.

The results of the project carried out by PAULAT allowed to obtain funding for clinical trials of the new vaccine.

Współpraca z PAULAT pozwoliła nam na osiągnięcie sukcesu w wyborach samorządowych, niezależnemu, lokalnemu stowarzyszeniu. Czterech radnych w Radzie Miasta, wprowadzenie radnych w połowie Rad Dzielnic, trzeci wynik
w wyborach na Prezydenta Miasta.

Badania pozwalają nam na ciągłe uzyskiwanie informacji o problemach i monitorowanie działań służb miejskich, określanie poparcia dla poszczególnych projektów i inicjatyw miejskich. Spełniają również rolę nieformalnych konsultacji społecznych - angażując mieszkańców w proces podejmowania decyzji o mieście.

Współpraca z PAULAT pozwoliła nam na efektywne wykorzystanie kanałów komunikacji społecznej w kampanii samorządowej. Analizy, badania i przede wszystkim rekomendacje pozwoliły nam na zwiększenie poparcia wśród mieszkańców co zaowocowało wyraźnym zwycięstwem w wyborach na Prezydenta Miasta oraz uzyskaniem większości mandatów w Radzie Miasta.

There is an insight behing each success story.

We reach the hidden meanings, beliefs, and symbols that allow us to find and generate insights that are relevant and actionable. We are proud of these insights, which have helped our Clients.

Below we share some of the inspirations we haven't used in our projects but may have a potential for others.

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Why do viewers flock to Patryk Vega's films in crowds?

Why do viewers flock to Patryk Vega's films in crowds?

Why do viewers flock to Patryk Vega's films in crowds?

To check this, we did a neuromarketing study of viewers' reaction to a movie trailer fragment.On the video we present an illustration of the study for one of our respondents - Magda, which perfectly shows the three most important factors determining the power of attraction of Vega films.

Valencia - a successful brand development strategy

Valencia - a successful brand development strategy

Over past decades, Valencia has become one of the most important holiday destinations in Spain (both for the domestic and foreign market).Road, rail connections and direct flights have made the journey to Valencia easier and quicker, however - what provides Valencia strength is the reconstruction of the former Turia river area.

From mechanical bees, artificial intelligence to Social Security, Black Mirror series are very good at showing the future.

From mechanical bees, artificial intelligence to Social Security, Black Mirror series are very good at showing the future.

In a few days premiere of the 5th season of the Charlie Brooker series "Black Mirror"."Black Mirror" perfectly shows the threats resulting from the development of modern technologies that may become real very soon.

Well, soon or already real?

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