26 countries

100+ clients

300+ projects

500+  focus group interviews

2800+ in-depth interviews
500000+ quantitative interviews



Below some examples of our studies:

Selection of a new format of the commercial, Poland

Evaluation of two types of TV commercials. Neuromarketing and monadic test of commercials. Comparison of persuasiveness, noticeability, levels of visual attention by major benefits, logo, and call to action.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of the new ad format followed by the higher effectiveness of the promotional loan offer


Airport development, Poland


  • Determining the airport catchment area.
  • Defining the potential of airports in Poland and in Germany for their catchment areas. 
  • Defining competitive strengths and weaknesses.
  • Forecast of passenger traffic and evaluation of the potential of new destinations.


  • Challenge Area analysis (statistics, geo-marketing, passenger flows).
  • Quantitative study (n=1000, CATI) of passenger traffic and passenger preferences.
  • Qualitative study (4 FGI) of the preferences of target groups within the catchment area of airports.


New Product Launch, Poland, Baltic countries


  • The introduction of a new product
  • The introduction of a new format for packaging for the product
  • Increasing brand share by 4 percentage points
  •  Exploration of customer behavior
  • Creating product insight


  • Desk research
  • Ethnography (6 IDI)
  • Qualitative research (IDI 20)
  • Quantitative test of the product concept (2x n=300)


Brand strategy of the region brand, Poland


  • Increase in the number of Polish and foreign tourists in the region by 60% over four years
  • The creation of new tourism products
  • Effective brand positioning through consistent and effective marketing communication (campaign slogan recall of 78%)
  •  Identification of the target groups, needs, and image of the region
  • Profiling of tourism products for target groups
  • Co-creation of big idea proposals. Attractiveness test
  • Co-creation of a strategy for the brand


  • Desk research
  • Focus groups (6 FGI)
  • In-depth interviews (12 IDI)
  • Tests and quantitative research (total n=1500)


Evaluation of the B2B market potential for insulation materials, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic countries


  • The introduction of two innovative insulation products
  • The expansion of business into the foreign markets
  • Defining the size of markets and segments
  • Competitive analysis of insulating material categories
  • Sales process mapping
  • Generating benefits for marketing communications


  • Desk research
  • Data modeling
  • Delphi expert interviews (n=9)
  • Product benefit attractiveness test (n=51)



Insights generation for the marketing campaign, Poland


  • Maintaining the leading position - a financial product
  • Long-term, effective brand advertising campaign
  • Increase in the number of clients in three key segments by 26%
  • Defining customer strategies (positive and negative)
  • Analysis of the motivation to borrow
  • Generation of advertising campaign insights


  • Ethnographic study (8 client strategies)
  • Analysis of advertising communication (5 competitors)
  • Quantitative segmentation study (n=1000)


Political image, Poland


  • Creation of a political strategy
  • Increase in support in elections by 17 percentage points
  • Defining of political preferences
  • Generation of advertising campaign insights
  • Selection of the most attractive spots, slogans, leaflets, and other promotional materials


  • Visual Tracker analysis
  • Qualitative study of marketing communications (16 FGI)
  • Electoral preferences poll (n=3000)
  • Hybrid (CAWI and CATI) study of advertising materials (4 waves of n=400)