We combine opinions with behavioral or emotional reactions. Traditional studies, qual, and quant with new techniques (eye/ face/mouse trackers). We use modern technologies based on observing human reactions with behavioral analytics, big data analysis, and traditional marketing research - focus, interviews.  

We've carried out 100+ international projects. Every year we do more than 100 FGI's, 400 IDI's and neuromarketing interviews. We've worked for dozens of international corporations (3M, P&G), advertising agencies (Harris International) and market research agencies.

We have experience in the whole CEE region (including Turkey and Russia). We work with trusted partners, experts, and specialists. We belong to an international organization of ESOMAR researchers.
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We focus on the hybridity of interactions, we combine analytics with research, online with direct contact and ethnography with social media monitoring.

Representative opinion poll

Targeted and representative market research

Testing of products and services, audits and experiments

We design interactions and identify groups, we understand the reality of the ‘hyper-presence’ of our customers as well as the representatives of target groups. Direct contact with them allows us to verify hypotheses and concepts.

Online development, the use of smartphones and data analysis allow for instant contact, testing and a reduction in the risk of bad business decisions.

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We answer business questions - sales and marketing questions.

We rely on hard data, awareness, and understanding of behavior.

Brand positioning

Market segmentation

Identification of motivation

We reach the target groups in different ways, online and F2F. Monitoring and data enhance our view. Through a variety of projects, we are in constant contact with consumers and customers.

This gives us an anchor in their lives, and thus we gain real observations, confidence, and control over the delivery of results to support business activities.

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We talk with people where they are comfordiv, we naturally enter into interaction with consumers, customers, and clients. We rely on a variety of information and methods of obtaining it.

Insight /Foresight

Analysis / Qualitative and quantitative research

Experiments, tests, and consumer audits

We organize in-house Voice of Customer and Voice of Market on the client side. We train marketing and sales teams.

Also in other countries in the region!

We increase the accuracy of business decisions.

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