In a few days premiere of the 5th season of the Charlie Brooker series "Black Mirror"."Black Mirror" perfectly shows the threats resulting from the development of modern technologies that may become real very soon.

Well, soon or already real?

In "Nosedive" episode is shown a social rating system that allows a success (in the case of high ratings) or blocks it (in the case of low scores). For several years, "Social Credit System" has been operating in China - a "scoring" system assessing the reputation of a citizen (eg in access to credit or purchase of airline tickets).

In "Be Right Back", female character digitally reproduces the personality of a dead boy (a similar idea shown in the movie "Her"), which after his death becomes a kind of artificial intelligence. For several years, the Bina48 project has been developing the world's first advanced humanoid robot based on the information about behaviour of a real person.

There are mechanical bees. In "Hated In The Nation" by Charlie Brooker, mechanical bees are used to eliminate people (picked up through a cruel digital contest for the most hated person). Walmart in 2018 filed a bee-robot patent that could potentially pollinate plants like real bees.

In other sections, including hacking through webcams, deepfakes, autonomous cars.

What will bring 5th season?

Dependence on screens, artificial intelligence, augmented reality are just a few examples of modern technologies reveiled in trailers.

On the Netflix platform from June 5th, 2019.